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Slowly simmered the tonkotsu soup for 60 hours then add the seafood for wetness and thick tastiness.  Its bold tastes perfectly match with thick noodles.  Sliced char siu pork is juicy and tender.

Soup Tonkotsu
Broth made with Pork Bones
Overall richness light   ○-○-○-●   rich
Noodle Type Straight noodles
Noodle Thickness thin  ○-○-● thick
Included Toppings Noodle, Soup, Char siu pork, seaweed, green onion, bamboo shoots, lime juice

Please be advised that this product may contain these ingredients:
Wheat, Sesame, Fish (broth), Gluten (soy sauce)

Cooking Instruction:

  1. Star by boiling 2 pots of hot water.
  2. In one pot, boil the noodles for 6 minutes.  Warm the bag of soup in the other pot until soup is melted.
  3. Meanwhile, take all the other ingredients out of its packaging.
  4. Pour the soup out into a bowl.  The ingredients may be packed separately.  Add into soup.
  5. Strain the noodles and wash well with cold water.
  6. Dip, dip slurp, and enjoy!


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