The E.A.K Shoyu

The E.A.K Shoyu

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EAK's signature Yokohama-style pork and chicken broth with shoyu tare and thick noodles.  Topped with spinach, chashu pork, and nori.

Soup Shoyu Tonkotsu
Broth made with Chicken, Pork Bones, Vegetables, Garlic
Overall richness light   ○-○-○-●   rich
Noodle Type Straight noodles
Noodle Thickness thin  ○-○-● thick
Weight 15 oz. per serving
Included Toppings Noodle (4.5 oz.), Soup (8.8 oz.), Chashu pork slices (2 oz.), Spinach (1 oz.), Nori (0.5 oz.)

Please be advised that this product may contain these ingredients:
Wheat, Soybeans

Cooking Instruction:

  1. Boil water in the pot, and heat the soup pack.
     * Do not put soup pack before it boils.  Soup pack will sink to the bottom and may be torn.

  2. While heating soup, cook the noodles separately in a pot of boiling water for 3 minutes.
  3. Use strainer, and drain water.
    * Strain as much cooking water off noodles as possible because cooking water remaining on noodles dilutes your soup.  Rinse with hot water if needed.

  4. Warm up the topping packs for a minute in the “1” soup pot.  
    Serve noodles, soup, toppings in a bowl.


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