What is BestRamenLA.com?

BestRamenLA.com provides frozen ramen directly from ramen restaurants.  Noodles, soup, toppings are freeze separately, so you can enjoy your favorite ramen at anytime you like. 


Where do you receive items?

You will choose where you want to pick up your items when you order.  You can pick up from AQUA BLUE’s truck.  If you prefer delivery service, you also can order from Seiwa Market: http://www.seiwamarket.com/home/torrance-ca-store/


When is the order deadline for the week?

Order deadline of each week is every Monday 9:00pm.


Is BestRamenLA.com good for ramen restaurants?

Yes!  With our service, customers from remote places can enjoy Los Angeles’s famous ramens.  Especially during the pandemic, many ramen fans refrain from going out.  On the other hand, restaurants do not want to waste their best soup and noodles.  Our service can support both of them.